Call Sign: Hoxton Park 2

     A Category 2 Isuzu 97 model, this appliance is designed to attack both Bush and Structural Fires, and participate in storm damage recovery. With a total seating capacity of 7 members, the appliance is capable of off road travel carrying approximately 2000 Litres of water. Within the lockers contains two Breathing Apparatus and spare cylinders, salvage gear, lengths of 25mm, 38mm and 65mm hose with Stortz fittings, couplings, two drip torches, and two hydrant stand pipes. The truck is also equipped with two first-aid lines both reaching lengths of approximately 40 metres for instant water attack.


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Call sign: Hoxton Park 9

    A Category 9 Toyota Land Cruiser, this appliance is designed for gaining access to extremely remote areas due to its size and 4wd capabilities. With a total crew capacity of three members this smaller appliance holds approximately 900 litres of water. The category 9 locker holds equipment for bush fire firefighting including lengths of 25mm and 38mm hose. A hydrant stand pipe, drip torch and a 19mm first-aid line reaching approximately 40 meters.


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